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Customized Plans for Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Sober Living Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Florida provides specialized assistance to people who have been fighting addictions like drug abuse and alcoholism and wish to overcome their addictions.  Sober Living Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida endeavors to provide evidence-based rehabilitation modalities that are able to address core issues that continue to push recovering individuals to relapse.

We at Florida outpatient Sober House‎ are fully aware of the fact that every person with alcohol & drug abuse problems has issues that may be unique to that individual. Therefore, we strive to create the lowest possible ratio of patient to therapist and to come up with gender specific groups in our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs in Florida. That is specifically the reason why our program has seen such significant success in identifying and addressing the key issues that hinder the efforts of recovering individuals to remain sober over a reasonable time.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Florida

Sober Living Outpatient is not just a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug abuse; it’s a captivating place where our staff and our clients work as a unit to achieve the clients’ objectives of living a contented life in which they are not dependent on mood altering substances.

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Sober Living drug addiction recovery and relationships Delray Beach, is a unique outpatient rehab center in Florida that offers comprehensive 12-step drug and alcohol rehab programs rather than short crash courses. We’ve designed our outpatient drug abuse and alcoholism program on the following principles:

  1. Drug abuse rehab involves a lot more than just stopping the usage of substances;

  2. For any rehab to succeed, it’s very important that the whole family gets fully involved; to achieve that, our offers an extensive program for the patient’s family during the rehab process;

  3. We ensure that each recovering patient receives rehab from a bio-psycho-social perspective that would not only address medical and social issues, but also will take into account the psychological issues that are contemporaneous with substance dependence.

Substance Dependence and Drug Abuse

Substance dependence, drug and alcohol abuse are the key factors for loss of employment and broken relationships and must be cured by the professionals. Sober Living Outpatient (SLO) can provide assistance to individuals in addressing dormant issues that cause recovering patients to relapse.

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