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Sober Living Outpatient – The Leading Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida

Excellence Defined By the Top Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Florida

At Sober Living Outpatient, excellence is defined as individualized treatment that focuses on core issues that have prevented the individual from gaining and attaining long-term peaceful recovery.  We understand that merely stopping drugs and alcohol usage is not enough.  An individual must address the core issues related to WHY they continue to use drugs and alcohol for any meaningful change to occur.  Issues such as abandonment, physical abuse, sexual abuse, anger and many others are the focus of treatment for those suffering from addiction.

Sober Living Outpatient, Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida, is located in Delray Beach, Florida.  Several leading authorities have recognized Delray Beach as the Recovery Capital of the United States.  Out focus is on treating the individual and the family and addressing addiction and recovery from a comprehensive perspective, mind, body and soul.  Additionally, Sober Living Outpatient alcohol rehab center in Florida provides an extensive family program that provides patients and family the opportunity to communicate and heal.

Sober Living Outpatient Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a comprehensive program that lasts a minimum of 18 weeks and includes extensive process groups and weekly individual sessions for each patient.  If you or a loved one needs assistance with the battle of addiction, we are here to help.

What we treat at Sober Living Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Center Florida: