Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments

By Admin: June 9th, 2017 in Addiction Treatment, Substance Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatments

The majority of persons they do not suffer from drug abuse have a difficult time understanding why cannot he just stop, he has a choice and has continuously confirmed that drug and alcohol addiction is a complex brain disease that requires more than willpower and good intentions to stop using the substance. The reality is that drugs act on the brain and change the brain structure so that it is often extremely difficult to stop and almost always impossible to moderate usage; however, over time, we have learned that alcoholism and drug addiction is treatable.

Beyond the individual consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction, it is estimated that the consequence of the disease in the United States exceeds $600 billion dollars annually. This includes approximately $181 billion for illicit drugs, $193 billion for tobacco, and $235 billion. As astounding as these information are, they do not completely explain the width of unhelpful public health and safety implications of drug abuse and addiction, such as family breakdown, loss of service, failure in school, household violence. These facts have been continuously observed by drug rehab.

Drug addiction is a chronic often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around him or her. Even though the first choice to take drugs is voluntary for most populace, the brain modify that occur over time confront a person’s self control and aptitude to resist intense impulses urging them to take drugs.


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