How Long Does Alcohol Stay in the System?

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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in the System?

Why should I know how long does alcohol stay in the system? It is very important to know how long does alcohol stay in the system because in this way you can be knowledgeable about the way you can do activities such as driving or to take exact medications which do not allow the present of alcohol in your body.

Alcohol suppresses your body system, which can guide to impaired vision, coordination, effect and judgment. It also increases sleepiness and can increase your risk for an accident while driving. It is good to memorize that only 10% of the alcohol you drink comes out as such through your breath, sweat and urine, while the rest of it is broken down or metabolized.

How Long Alcohol Stays In Your System

There are many factors that determine how long does alcohol stay in the body:

  • Weight:Similar to any drug, a permanent amount of alcohol will have effect on a person with a smaller weight than on someone with a bigger weight.
  • Gender:Alcohol stays in women’s system longer than men. This is generally because women have less water and extra fat in their system compared to men. So, they may achieve a certain BAC reading by drinking smaller amounts of alcohol than men to get the same BAC level.
  • Age:Younger people who age 20-30 years are frequently the quickest ones to get the alcohol out of their systems
  • Other Factors:Other factors like drug intake can influence how fast the body detoxifies alcohol. People who are taking aspirin and paracetamol, for example, may have a slower rate of alcohol metabolism. Society may also affect the rate at which alcohol is detoxified, with East Asians, having longer lasting hangovers than others. Other factors that may influence the period of alcohol in the body include the amount of alcohol taken, the type of alcoholic beverage consumed, food intake, and type of food taken. Moreover, not everyone digest, metabolizes and excretes alcohol at the same rates, so the differences in our bodies may also affect how long alcohol stays in our systems.

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your Blood?

To conclude the consideration of alcohol in your blood, the BAC or blood alcohol concentration is measured, which is read as a percentage.

Alcohol gets metabolized based on different factors, such as weight, height, age, sex etc. For this we ought to see the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) to find how long does alcohol stay in the blood? Here we can take an example of a person with a normal metabolism, which the rate is 0.15 for hour so if the usual metabolism is 0.15 for hour a normal individual can drank alcohol within 9-10 hours and if metabolism rate is 0.02 Blood Alcohol Concentration an individual can drank alcohol 1.30 per hour.

Here are two suggested links for you to quickly calculate your BAC rate:

There are different people have an extensive amount of a precise enzyme which helps to digest alcohol faster than the others. The person who drank alcohol with a full stomach will metabolize slower than the other day where he drank alcohol with an empty stomach. And you know why? Because when you drink alcohol with the presence of the food is more difficult for the metabolism to digest it. Therefore as a result alcohol will keep on less in this case. If the stomach is vacant we have this percentage: 20-25% of alcohol absorbed through the stomach and 75-80% absorbed through the small intestine.

How Long Can Alcohol Be Detected In the Body

As we mentioned before alcohol affects all people and after a drinking party it can stay in the system for up to twenty-four hours. Alcohol can be recognize in our body by the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) or even as it is known with other terms by the Blood Alcohol Volume.

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How Long Alcohol Stays In Your System?