How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your Blood

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How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your Blood

Heroin may stay a few minutes to hours in body but the drug can stay in your system for much how-long-does-heroin-stay-in-your-bloodlonger. Many individuals are surprise when they hear that the finish of a heroin high doesn’t vital, mean it’s out of the body. In fact, this medication can stay in the body for any longer than many individuals expect it would. The question is that how long does heroin stay in your blood? The answer is usually 3 days but it could take up to 6 and its short half-life, heroin does not remain in the blood for long. Blood tests would likely just be effective inside a day of taking the medication, and soon thereafter a urine test may be more exact.

Heroin Abuse

Heroin is the one of the fastest growing drug in many states. A heroin abuse is an increasingly serious problem that is affecting many across the United States. The drug acquires highly addicting characteristics that come from snorting, injection or smoking the illegal substance. State claim in recent year, the heroin has become the number one choice for the users state-wide that reflecting the uncommonly high crime rates and most importantly, the increasing need for more drugs and alcohol addiction treatment program. Heroin is comes from the morphine, which is made from the seedpod of a poppy plant. It is white and brown powder form. Most heroin injected, creating additional risks for the user, who faces the danger of AIDS or other infection on top of the pain of addiction.

The writer Suzanne said “Heroin cut me off from the rest of the world. My parents kicked me out. My friends and my brothers didn’t want to see me anymore. I was all alone.”

Effects of Heroin Abuse

There are the worst effects of heroin abuse are given bellow:

  • Ugly features in appearance
  • Constricted pupils
  • Runny nose
  • Slurred speech
  • Not active in attitude
  • Droopy stance
  • Poor hygiene
  • Watery eyes
  • Pale clammy skin

Heroin addiction

Heroin has one of the most serious addiction rates of all illegal drugs. A black sticky substance known as “black tar heroin”  pure heroin is becoming more usual, many street heroin cut with others substance like as sugar, starch, powdered milk and etc. Black tar heroin is usually cut with glass and other substance that can be potentially fetal. That causes the sort of brain damage and is more harmful a danger than regular heroin. Those people who are the abusers of the heroin don’t know the actual strength of the heroin and the true contents of the drugs. Therefore, Heroin addicted peoples are at higher risk of death, HIV and other diseases because of the sharing of needles that can occur among addicts.

Heroin addiction symptoms

Here we are discussing about the symptoms of heroin. If you have become addicted to heroin and you can expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms. Commonly, withdrawal symptoms will begin 6-12 hours after taking the last dose of heroin. Its symptoms can be expected in the peek within 1 to 3 days and itwill gradually increase over the course of the next 5-7 days. Remember, there have been addicts who have experienced serious withdrawal symptoms for weeks or month. This is called post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Heroin addiction symptoms included pain in the muscle and bone, diarrhea, restlessness, insomnia, cold fleshes with goose bumps and convulsions and vomiting. Sometimes, these all symptoms can last moths. Therefore, a heroin detox center can take special care of these symptoms.

Heroin abuse treatment

The only way to recover from heroin addiction is through a clinical drug rehab program. And here we are discus about the most popular treatment method of heroin addiction, are given below:

  • Partial hospitalization: There are three most usual types of addiction treatment programs are inpatient rehab, partial hospitalization, and outpatient rehab. For most heroin addicts, inpatient program are necessary for long-term sobriety. Inpatient treatment requires addicts to live at their clinics for 30 to 60 days and also involves 50 or more hours of therapies per week.
  • Rapid Detox: This is a 5-14 day process.
  • Biofeedback Therapies: Heroin users often ignore their physical humiliation during periods of active drug use. To identify the physical stressors related to drug cravings, rehab clinics often use specialized biofeedback machines. These machines help doctors to monitor their patient’s vital signs and make connections between physical warning signs and impending drug cravings.
  • Individual counseling: This is called One-on-one counseling sessions between addicts and their clinicians. Which shown to be the most effective treatments for producing lasting lifestyle changes. Patients talk about the reasons, why and how he used heroin. Then they use these personal discoveries to develop coping strategies that will help them to manage drug cravings throughout the rests of their lives.

Drug and alcohol rehab programs

There are many individuals searching for a decent and solid medication and alcohol rehab program that can help them or a friend or family member to quit addiction permanently. While without a doubt we have many centers out there, it is pitiful to take note of that a significant number of them don’t have the correct program to help addicts.A good program should to not just enable the someone who is addicted to stop, it ought to go further. It should ensure that the addict does not relapse. Any program that neglects to accomplish these two noteworthy targets ought to be maintained a strategic distance from. What are those things you should search for while looking?

One is the length of rehab, mean the time period of the treatment. If someone says you are quit your drugs in short period of time so, I request you to stay away from them because it’s a long time treatment. And the second one is, you must look out for has to do with gender. In simple word, if you’re women and go for a center that specializes in that or vice versa. A center that is specializing on a particular gender is more preferable to a center that centers for every gender. When you attend a gender special program, you can be sure of getting sufficient personal attention.

Moreover, it is most important that the center is equipped with qualified and experienced staff that can help you or a love one quit drug addiction or alcohol without stress.

There are many programs that are provided by drug treatment centers that include:

  • Outpatient treatments
  • Residential treatments
  • Extended care services
  • Local support groups
  • Half-way houses

These drug and alcohol rehab centers also provides unique therapies to addicts, like as:

  • 12 steps recovery
  • Motivational enhancement therapies
  • Christian therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy


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