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Aftercare is Essential in Remaining Alcohol and Drug Free after Rehab Programs

Aftercare simply means continuing therapy after a residential period of stay, and it does not necessarily signify any particular form of therapy; but a few of the more common forms of aftercare therapy are a continuing participation in 12 steps group meetings, a continuing participation in peer support groups, and continuing sessions with a therapist.

At SLO Recovery Centers better sobriety rehabs will offer a long period of aftercare therapy as a part of the admission price, but far too many graduates of a drug or alcohol rehab fail to make use of these vital ties to sobriety, and a failure to maintain aftercare therapy is significantly correlated with relapse.

After having an outpatient treatments process when rejoining mainstream society, relapse prevention is paramount on the road to complete recovery. Fortunately, thdrug treatmentere are so many steps recovering addicted persons can take to assistance with the process. Below are few ways to help the individuals remain drug free after having an alcohol treatment or 12 step program at SLO Recovery Centers in Florida.

Aftercare Programs

The first step would be to join aftercare programs, taking the aftercare programs are the good steps to avoid relapsing into old, unhelpful habits. In this environment the individual will find the necessary support, encouragement and examples of people that are completing their recovery successfully.

Prevention Strategy

This strategy would include effective ways to deal with stress that triggers the urge to consume drugs. The assistance of a sponsor in aftercare is also very valuable in helping people stick to the requirements of a relapse prevention plan.

Support Network

Developing a network of social support outside aftercare is another way to strengthen the resolve against using drugs. Aftercare is an effective way to resist the temptation of drugs. An individual can use the motivation from these individuals to enhance the resolve that comes from attending a recovery program.

Length of Treatment

How long an individual remains in aftercare is a personal decision, but should be made in consultation with an addiction specialist. Ultimately, the goal of inpatient treatments is to foster drug free habits, accompanied by a general improvement in the affected person’s life. There should be strong evidence to support the idea that an individual is ready to stop attending an aftercare program.

At SLO Recovery Centers people can find out that alcohol and drug treatment are ultimately undertaking. Staying in aftercare programs is therefore very important to the success of recovery. Many people have been helped by alcohol and drug treatments programs if they stay to its basic points.


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