Partial Hospitalization

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Partial Hospitalization

SLO recovery centers is an evidence-based, outpatient and residential partial hospitalization treatment center and provides individualized care with the lowest ratio of therapist to patient amongst all US partial hospitalization and outpatient drug treatment centers. By offering alcohol and drug treatment plans that are based on scientific evidence, SLO recovery centers is more than a Florida drug abuse and addiction treatment center, but rather, a magical place whereby individuals recover together.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program

After the initial outpatient period of medical detox, it may be suitable to enter a residential partial hospitalization treatment Program. It is more useful and beneficial for the individual to begin with one

Partial Hospitalization Treatments

method before transitioning to the next.

With our partial hospitalization treatment programs, you’ll be able to focus on developing important recovery skills and coping mechanisms which will eventually allow you to transition back to everyday life. Once this important treatment phase is complete, and when you are fully confident of the skills and coping mechanisms that you have learned, it may be appropriate to transition to the partial hospitalization program.

SLO recovery centers is proud to be a residential partial hospitalization drug treatment center that maintains high standards of sobriety and consistently remains accountable for the work of all the patients and staff of the addiction treatment center. According to a news release by the CASA (national center on addiction and substance abuse) at Columbia University, “addiction treatment facilities and programs are not adequately…held accountable for providing treatment consistent with medical standards and proven treatment practices.” SLO recovery centers provide this drug care and remain accountable for results that are consistent with the most up-to-date medical practices.

Benefits of Partial hospitalization Treatment Facilities

With residential partial hospitalization treatment facilities, you can expect to receive a complete assessment, treatment, eating disorders and aftercare drug treatment programs, which will likely be followed by 24/7 management by our professional team of doctors. You’ll also receive management of any medication that you might require and it is likely that you will meet with our professional psychiatrist once a day.

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