Signs of Alcoholism

Posted on November 17th, 2016 in Addiction, Alcohol Treatment, Alcoholism

Drug and alcohol treatments Florida have familiar that alcohol abuse can appear in two forms in the early stage:

  1. There are sixty percent alcoholics’ signs those who have been drinking in the age of 18; and
  2. The signs of spouse dying or retirement from a job can appear in those individuals who began drinking later 18.

Prescription Drug Dependence

 Drug Treatment Florida have noticed that a common problem with medication in the elderly and sedatives is that many of these individuals take more of the medication than is prescribed because they forget whether they have taken the medication. Many elderly are prescribed tranquilizers or sedatives from physicians that can lead to drug dependence. The statistics demonstrate that over 16 million prescriptions of this type are written every year.  The only other type of medication prescribed more than these sedatives are heart medication. Additionally, many elderly are prescribed medication after a surgery and thus, become addicted.

Common signs of drug dependence

Many people do not drink at parties; therefore, avoiding legal issues related to driving while intoxicated.  Furthermore, they do not show signs due to their retirement.  Thus, this is very hard task to recognize an issue with the elderly.

Recognizable Signs:

  • Drinks alone or out of the view of others who may recognize usage;
  • It’s often indicating slurred speech;
  • Attempts to hide their usage;
  • Makes a ceremony of having drinks before/after banquet;
  • Many people begin to lose interest in their previous activities;
  • Some Individuals take a drink while taking prescriptions in spite of of the warning to avoid drinking;
  • The individuals take drugs immediately upon being disturbed;
  • Has illogical and undefined fears, seems under odd stress;
  • Many individuals seem to be losing their memory;
  • Many individuals often have the smell of liquor on their breath and mouthwash to cover it.

According to drug treatment Delray Beach FL as a normal part of aging, this is very familiar for individuals to misdiagnose the above symptoms; but, this is very familiar when these people have their medication adjusted or stop drug and alcohol usage.