Sobriety Drug Treatment Programs

Sobriety Drug Treatment Programs

Types of Drug Treatments

Drug treatment provides valuable help to thousands of individuals struggling with drug abuse. The drug treatment programs are considered to be the most effective solution for the people, who have become dependent to drugs. In general, there are two major types of treatment program; one is short-term and the other is the long-term program.

Short-term Drug Treatment Programs

Short-term treatment programs help those who have hit rock bottom due to their uncontrollable substance abuse in a number of ways.

“According to NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) short-term drug treatment programs provide intensive but relatively brief treatment based on a modified 12-step approach. These programs originally designed to treat alcohol problems, but during the cocaine epidemic of the mid-1980s, many began to treat other types of substance use disorders. The original short-term treatment model consisted of a 3- to 6-week hospital-based inpatient treatment phase followed by extended outpatient therapy and participation in a self-help group, such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)…. These programs help to reduce the risk of relapse once a patient leaves the residential setting”.

Long-term Drug Treatment Programs

Long-term drug abuse treatments allow the patients to experience complete drug recovery. The patients have the chance to develop and learn the missing tools and coping skills that are required to live a sober life. The new skills are like any other skills; it takes time, focus, practice, and experience support to master them successfully. Chances for recovery improve when distanced from addiction and using associated “people, places, and things”. The key to success is the alcoholics desire to become sober and achieve serenity. Having experience a period of sobriety, people develop a willingness to maintain their new lifestyle.

Drug addiction treatments

Drug addiction treatments of any kind affects people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds. Despite the large demographic variability, all share one very important commonality – they need help!

Hope in Recovery

The following video tells the story of Jake, a former drug addict who discusses how recovery changed his life for the better and how his new purpose is to be of service to others and show them that “there’s a way out of that darkness.”

Video Source: TheNewsRecordOnlines & YouTube

Other Types of Drug Treatments
Outpatient Treatments

Outpatient treatment can range from drug education, sobriety drug treatment program, skills training, intensive family therapy, addiction therapy and drug detox treatment programs. Treatment length is variable and contingent on recovery progress.

Intensive Outpatient Programs / Partial Hospitalization

Intensive outpatient programs / partial hospitalization treatment programs comprise of many services available in regular outpatient treatment, but administered a bit more frequently and/or for longer periods of the day. Additionally, intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization can accommodate individuals with co-existing medical or mental health issues and allow them access too many of the services.

Residential Drug Treatment Programs

In residential programs, a resident is admitting in a 24-hour care situation and their daily activities can comprise of many individual and group counseling sessions. Many residential treatment centers also provide monitored detox and behavioral addiction issues.

Intensive Inpatient Treatment Programs

Intensive Inpatient Treatment Programs are Full-time and fully supervised and close monitoring under the professional psychiatrists

How to Choose a Right Drug Treatment Center

You must choose a drug rehab сеntеr in such a way that you will comfortable with it. Although choosing a right drug rehab сеntеr саn bе ԛuіtе daunting, уоu саn find thе best trеаtmеnt сеntеr wіth ѕоmе rеѕеаrсh аnd patience. Recovery wіll соmе еаѕіlу рrоvіdеd you gеt a сhаnсе to wоrk wіth undеrѕtаndіng аnd соmраѕѕіоnаtе staff. Alѕо the fасіlіtу must bе affordable to уоu аnd уоur fаmіlу. Since recovery from drug аddісtіоn саn tаkе tіmе.

Partial Hospitalization
Sеlесting The Bеѕt Drug Treatment Рrоgrаm