What Happened when We Lose our Loved Ones?

Posted on February 21st, 2017 in Addiction, Alcohol Treatment, Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When we lose our loved ones, it stands for an end to what has been memorable and we must adapt to the new ‘usually unwanted’ realism. The concept of “contradictory feelings” makes sense when putting it in context of individuals close to you they die of something such as heart attack, diabetes, cancer etc. Initially the primary emotion is very unhappiness. The part of unhappiness is about the irrevocable fact of death and another aspect is that a wonder did not happen to treat the sickness to allow more time together. Additionally to the unhappiness, sometimes there is a sense of relief that the person who has passed is no longer in pain and relief from the frustration of not being able to treat them.

The same conflicting thoughts are true when any individual gets married. Who’s yet gotten married has had contradictory thoughts. There’s the love and pleasure on the one hand, and the loss of independence and freedoms on the other end. Even if it is a good trade-off, it still represents a loss of freedoms and independence. When one gives up their substances and the lifestyle associated with the use of these substances, there are contradictory emotions. Anyone who’s ever making used of alcohol or drugs has many feelings of pleasure, reward and even love in their range of remembrances.

On the other hand, there’re the reminiscences of discomfiture and shame associated with the mood altering alcohol and the associated lifestyle