What is “Intensive” Outpatient Drug Treatment?

By Admin: October 16th, 2015 in Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Sobriety

Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatments

What is “Intensive” outpatient drug treatment?  SLO Recovery Centers offers more than a crash-course on the 12 steps of drug recovery, that addressed therapies and core issues.  What are core issues?  Issues that precipitate the continued usage of drugs and alcohol

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Every person in recovery finally gets to the realization that drugs and alcohol are the symptoms of the problem and that merely putting the drugs and alcohol down, does not solve the problem. Obviously, the goal of treatments for alcoholism is to stop using drugs and alcohol; however, this is but the beginning of a long journey of transformation.

Some core issues such as the following:

  • Grief and loss;
  • Abandonment as a child;
  • Learning to love yourself;
  • Relapse prevention and a sold plan to address internal and external triggers;
  • Dealing with emotions and feelings;
  • The disease concept and the fact that a drug is a drug is a drug;
  • Post acute withdrawal syndrome and the signs associated therewith;
  • Concurrent management of psychiatric issues such as depression and anxiety;
  • Building a support network; and
  • Codependency

These are just some of the important issues that at SLO Recovery Centers, we term “core” issues.  Without addressing these issues, regardless of whether an individual drinks, uses drug or both, they will be miserable.  Thus, the goal is not to only remain clean and sober, but additionally, to build a life whereby an individual begins to love and accept who they are without the need for dramatic outside stimulus.

Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatments

Outpatient drug treatment should be a continuation of care and more than an aftercare group.  Aftercare Group’s are a basic “check-in” and address whether the person has a sponsor, goes to meetings and what step they are working on. “outpatient-drug-treatmentsIntensive” outpatient drug treatments should go much further than this. The expectation should be that Outpatient drug treatment should address underlying issues that prevent the person from attaining inside peace.

Long-Term Emotional Sobriety Accomplished By:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy;
  • Employment assistance;
  • Inner child work that addresses abandonment and unfinished business;
  • Family of origin issues through the utilization of a genogram or glorified family tree to address dysfunctional communication patterns learned in the family of origin;
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques;
  • Developing how to say “no”;
  • Addressing codependency and practicing new skills;
  • In-depth process groups;
  • Individualized therapy sessions weekly;
  • Intensive homework assignments
  • An intensive family week component that includes process work

These are a few of the sobriety drug treatment program utilized at SLO Recovery Centers  we are here to help.

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