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Family Program

Recoveries that Flourish with Family Involvement

At SLO Recovery Centers, we are convinced that family involvement in the recovery process creates the strongest foundation for a client to thrive in recovery. Additionally, family involvement provides the opportunity for the entire family:

During the assessment phase of treatment, each client will identify family members and significant others who they would like to attend the family program. Thereafter, one of the therapists will contact the people identified by the client and personally invite them to attend the family program. The family program is the most crucial piece of drug treatment centers that is often overlooked in many outpatient programs. The program is conducted once a month and runs from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.

The family program is not included in the cost of IOP. Family members will meet with the therapists at SLO on Thursday evening and all day Friday, without the presence of the client. During these sessions, therapists will work with family members to educate them about the work that their loved one has been doing. They will address issues such as codependency, healthy boundaries, forgiveness, anger and fear. This is far more than education. It is experiential and process oriented. Thereafter, Saturday and Sunday will be spent in joint group therapy sessions with the family and the client, culminating in a better understanding and the beginning of healing and family recovery.

Patients in substance dependence rehab in Delray Beach, FL

Frequently Asked Questions
About the Family Program:

° Is the family program an important part of treatment?
The family programs are the most crucial piece of treatment at SLO Recovery Centers.

° How should the client decide who to invite to the family program?
All you must do is ask yourself, “What people have the greatest impact on my life today”? After answering this question, the question of who to invite will be clear.

° What is the Family Program like for family members?
The family program is an educational and interactive process that is similar to the process that client’s go through. It is meant to educate the family members about addiction, assist them with healthy communication techniques and assist them to develop their own support network.

° Should I invite family members even if I believe they are too busy to attend?
The answer is yes. We are well aware that people are extremely busy and may have to travel long distances to attend the family program; however, participation in the family program and the healing, education and improved chance of long-term emotional and physical sobriety far outweighs any inconvenience.

Patients in substance dependence rehab in Delray Beach, FL
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