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Aftercare Drug Treatment Programs

After taking partial hospitalization program, it is very important that addicts live at a halfway house and attend our aftercare programs. A good aftercare program will help you have the best possibility for success and to help you overcome challenges while the professionals supervise you. In some cases, such as court-ordered treatment, diversion or other work/employment drug and alcohol assistance program, aftercare programs are compulsory and closely monitored.

Our Aftercare/Alumni Program Includes: 

  • Relapse prevention strategy;
  • Prescription for consistent participation in addiction support / self-help groups;
  • Regularly scheduled outpatient treatments with an expert counselor for continued therapy;
  • Medication management
  • Nutritional plans
  • Controlled living environment;
  • Post-treatment ;
  • Sober living environments;
  • Drug testing etc.



Lifetime aftercare typically involves weekly or regularly scheduled group meetings that are facilitate by professional substance abuse psychoanalyst. The psychoanalyst helps you meet your unique plans such as ‘drug addiction recovery songs‘ and provides guidance as you examine your recovery options moving forward and you get the feedback and support of not only the professionals, but also the other participants. Others who may contribute to your lifetime aftercare program include alumni of treatment programs, families, and the community.