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Multi Disciplinary Approach

SLO Recovery Centers has multidisciplinary treatment options that are effective in different situations. We offer both holistic and traditional drug therapy; patients recover from the addictions when different types of alcohol and drug abuse treatments are administered to them. We work with our patients in an individualized manner, offering the best one-to-one treatments allowing for a greater interaction with clients.

Our Multidisciplinary Core Processing Group Therapy

One major multidisciplinary tool that helps individuals recover from drugs is group therapy. Drug addicts are in a position to share their social and family problems as well as personal issues. This system creates a good rapport among them. Group therapy assists in promoting the members’ self-esteem and their take on life issues. In the long run, it aids with their treatment.

We undertake a multi-disciplinary approach that is the key to our treatment program. We work with clients who suffer from substance abuse, mental health disorders or eating disorders with our experienced team of rehab professionals. Our assessment starts once you call SLO Recovery Centers for assistance.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals assists you in the process of treatments for alcoholism. Each member of the team meets individually with the client to conduct an interview, review the client’s test results, and review the questionnaire that the client completes. Relying on our sobriety drug treatment program and let us help you get started on the road to a successful recovery.

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